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Ivanichka Paneva
           Ivanichka Paneva was born in 1946 in Veliko Turnovo. In 1968 she graduated Veliko Turnovo University "St. St. Ciril and Methodius", speciality - Pictorial arts and in 1979 was accepted as a member of the Bulgarian Artists' Union.  
Ivanichka Paneva's participations in international "plain arts" and formal exhibitions of Bulgarian Art abroad are as follows:  

1974    Tchhove, Poland - plain air 
1977    Krakov, Poland - exhibition  
1978    Strazitsa, Bulgaria - plain air 
1980    Brussels, Belgium 
1980    England - exhibition 
1981    Poltava, Russia 
1981    Nish, Yugoslavia 
1987    Krasnodar, Russia - plain air 

15 one-shows in Bulgaria  


1985    first prize of Common Art Exhibition of
1988    second prize of the competition "Veliko
           Turnovo's landscape"
1998    Golden medal in recognition of the display
           of oilpainting - landscape painting of East - 
           West Euro Intellect Exhibition

Ivanichka Paneva's works can be found in The National Art Gallery and almost every regional gallery in Bulgaria, and lots of private collections in Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, France, USA, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden.


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